Barraza Fine Art, LLC

Barraza Fine Art is a gallery and studio space located in the rural south Texas railroad town of Kingsville. The brainchild of celebrated Chicana artist Santa Barraza, it is the realization of the artist’s deep rooted dedication to her culture and community. These commitments have long been driving forces in the development of Barraza’s art, which focuses on the geographic and cultural in-between-ness of south Texas and the reflection of this reality in the liminality of Chicano/a identity.

The art space is located in a renovated historic stone building, which was constructed in 1907 and once served as the modest home of the early-settling Watson family. In the early 2000’s, Barraza acquired the property and began to piece together her intentions as a steward of the arts and Chicano culture.

The mission of Barraza Fine Art is to leverage the spiritual creativity of artists in order to cultivate an appreciation for visual arts and culture among isolated populations throughout the south Texas borderlands. The art space was unveiled in August of 2020 with a public reception for its first exhibition, “Spiritual Journeys.”