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Suzy Gonzalez - Sacred Solidarity

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Suzy Gonzalez

Sacred Solidarity, 2019

Media: Acrylics and corn husks on canvas

Dimensions: 12” x 24”

Work Statement:”

Giving attention to the origins of both food and an, I analyze what it means to decolo-nize art, art history, and consumption. Through painting, sculpture, and "mestiza media" works, I create figures that exist somewhere in the middle of social binaries. Recently, the work depicts longings for connecting to the earth, and finding our place in this rela-tionship. Sacred Solidarity is a diptych speaking of the balance of nature, spiritual alignment, black and brown unity, and the resilience and solidarity that occurs regardless of contemporary obstructions of whiteness and the inability to touch. My artwork serves as a platform for working through my own intersections as well as striving for an inter-cultural conversation with folks outside of my identity labels. This, I hope, will open doors to compassion and healing in this world of destruction.

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